The Program

The music industry is versatile, which is why music education must evolve. Our intensive 6-week program prepares young people who demonstrate a proficiency in music studies and an interest in a music career with comprehensive dual training in traditional music theory and practice as well as modern music technology and business.

Our young musicians learn important traditional skills of music theory, composition, and instrumental performance as well as production, engineering, and composition using modern technology. Our course instructors include practicing music professionals who can help these young talents succeed in an ever-evolving music industry.

  • The first three weeks of Duality instruction focus on fundamental skills building in both traditional and modern music instruments and technology.
  • The Duality instruction incorporates virtual- and in-classroom workshops that include boundary-pushing topics, which provide a platform for young people to succeed in today’s modern music environment.
  • The last three weeks of Duality instruction focus on a final project challenge to demonstrate their dual approach to music creation.